September 20, 2014

Cogito ergo Chimp

Not my latest toon but certainly one of my favorites. If the press doesn't report what our governments do in our name, we the people see nothing. It's the perfect marketing scam folks! This cartoon competed against tens of thousands of entries from all 50 states in USA and became the Second National Finalist in the Society of Professional Journalists Mark of Excellence Awards. Hell yeah! :)


My last Daily Barometer toon was gonna be something special. During my time as political cartoonist I heard the classic “I don’t care for politics” so many times that I wanted everyone to realize politics affect our daily life, whether we care or not!


And the saddest thing is that all those quotes are historically accurate… Good God!

Everybody loves Obama

Poor Hillary Clinton could not defeat Barack Obama during the 2007 primaries. Everybody loved Obama best... and I mean everybody!


This cartoon was published shortly after the beginning of the Iraqi war, in honor of all the civilian casualties during the Fallujah offensive. It won first place for Best Cartooning at the Oregon Newspaper Publishers Association (ONPA) awards.


My particular view of Leonidas, King of Sparta from the 2007 blockbuster movie “300”. I had no idea War was so DARN COOL! Where’s the nearest recruitment office? Please? I also wanna kill Persians! Yippee-ki-yay, motherf&%$er!!!


Wherever George Bush went, he was an endless source of comedy gold. See him after a press conference in China.What would Confucius say?
BTW a kinder version of this toon was also published in the Capital Press Agriculture Weekly Newspaper... But this is the best!