November 27, 2007

140 S'more

All you need is…. troops! Troops is all you need!

138 Spidey

We went to the premiere of Spiderman 3 on 2007, and I almost threw up at the overdose of patriotism. And I thought the first two movies were a bit over the top! The flag scene was… priceless…

137 Perfect

The nightmare of all political cartoonists! BTW I enjoyed working on the guy’s tie-dye T-shirt!

132 Via Crucis

A follow-up on "Scooter": Mr Libby was convicted on four of the five counts in the indictment and shortly after… President Bush commuted Libby's 30-month prison sentence because the punishment was too… harsh? Oh well.

131 Hunch

Iran, Syria... who cares, really?

130 Whimps

And those news are real... now who's laughing??? :(

127 Mr Dick

Does Vice-president Cheney have a conscience? Or a soul, for that matter?

125 Treehuggator

Republican governorator Arnold Schwarzenegger vowed to battle global warming in an effort to boost his popularity among California liberal voters. How bizarre…

124 With or Without you

Ain't it true?

123 Naughty

121 Meatloaf

This is my favourite Ratzinger cartoon. After his incendiary remarks against Islam, the Pope went to Turkey as if nothing had happened. Very typical of the church to throw the stone and hide. I got this scene from Red Dragon, with Hannibal Lecter in all his glory.

119 Manhole

My personal goodbye to Donald Rumsfeld, professional spinner and not a very good listener.

116 Strategy

One of my favourites. I always struggle to support the troops. By denouncing their situation.

114 Foley

On late September 2006, Mark Foley, a Republican Congressman from Florida, was accused of sexually improper conduct with teenaged boys who had formerly served as congressional pages. I had a lot of fun drawing those old guys!

109 Anarchanary

Ah, those free thinkers, tsk, tsk…

103 Devolution

The War of the conservative religious right against the Theory of Evolution and against Common Sense in General inspired this cartoon.

099 Cogito ergo Chimp

Thanks to this cartoon I ended up National Finalist in the Society of Professional Journalists Mark of Excellence Awards, a great honor for a foreign student in the USA! :)

096 NSA

On 2005, the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) was authorized by executive order to monitor, without warrants, your phone calls as part of the war on terror. It’s for your protection, you see.

094 Da Vinci

The Da Vinci Code caused a great deal of debate, but you see, there's no arguing against people of faith when God's on their side!

090 Genesis

Thou shall not question authority… ever!

086 W for Wrong

A trailer from W for Vendetta (must see) inspired this cartoon.

085 Awkward

If only Donald Rumsfeld had listened to me, he might sill have his job, and Saddam would still be alive!

075 Ballet Divine

After the Muhammad cartoon controversy, we cartoonists were all scared shitless. But you know what they say, the best way to conquer your fears…

070 Life

This cartoon was published in the turkish magazine of ecology Buğday Ekolojik Yaşam Kapısı for my dear friends Evrim Karaçetin and Uygar Ozesmi. The donkey is saying "Is this all life is about?"

068 Fortune

It was so fun to see George Bush struggling with a locked door in China, I realized this man is non stop fun. What would Confucius say? This toon, BTW was published in the Capital Press Agriculture Weekly Newspaper with a slightly watered-down message... But this is the best version!

067 Strength!

Once more, my personal view of Army Recruiting. Wee!

063 Frat!

My first toon in full-colour. I had never heard of "magic wand" except for in Harry Potter and the vectorization was done manually. It took me HOURS and HOURS! Oh well. Good times!

061 Halloween

Happy Halloween!

059 Katrina

With the beginning of Season Two, I started experimenting with basic greyscale coloring.

055 Phosphorus

On November 8th, 2005 the film "Fallujah: The Hidden Massacre", documented the use of White Phosphorus against civilians and children by military forces of the USA. Days later, U.S. army spokesmen, facing incontrovertible evidence, were forced to confirm WP had been used during the major assaults on Fallujah. So we burned them to a crisp? Whoops! Luckily CNN didn't talk about it, right? That's why the following reader was completely outraged, because he simply didn't have the slightest idea what his army had done in his name...

051 Arrest

Lewis "Scooter" Libby, Dick Cheney’s right hand man was being investigated for his involvement in the Plame affair. Yeah right. As if Scooter would do anything without his boss’ approval! Always blame the small guy.

045 Truth

By the end of the First Season at the Daily Barometer, George Bush had become a regular and beloved character. God bless him!

040 Lucas vs Bush

In an effort to spin the pretty obvious anti-Bush message in the 2005 Star Wars sequel "Revenge of the Sith", the right-wing media would ask idiotic questions such as "George W. Bush: Jedi Knight or Dark Lord?" For the love of Yoda!

038 Emergency Plan

May 12, 2005. Remember that airplane flying to close from the White House and causing a mass evacuation of the Government in full? There was something disturbing about those politicians running for it, something that makes you wonder just how safe we are...

037 Melonheads

So what does former WH press secretary Scott McClellan, deputy chief of staff Karl Rove, vicepresident Dick Cheney and political commentator Bill O'Reilly in common? Is there any relation between their compulsive tendency to bullshit and the size of their heads?

029 Bolton!

So John R. Bolton said, and I quote: "There is no such thing as the United Nations. There is only the international community, which can only be led by [] the United States". Then, on March 7, 2005 president Bush nominates him U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations alleging that "the USA needs a strong voice". Sure! Why not a stronger voice then? After all, diplomacy is for pussies!

028 Ratzinger!

So Ratzinger looks like Hannibal Lecter? If it only were his looks what scares me! Anyhow, here's Ratzy with some classic baddie quotes, which you will surely recognize! :)

026 Apathy

Always felt guilty bithing about the country that hosted me but someone told me "You defend the America you love". Well, the USA I love stands for true freedom and democracy. If democracy is based on the will of the people, then our apathy represents its death.

025 Shut Up!

Anybody in the USA would know about FOX NEWS CHANNEL and Bill O'Reilly: Setting an example for his audience with such professionality and kindness. Just kidding.

020 So is War

Why so much publicity against smoking if then you go to the movies and they have army ads showing war as the coolest thing to do? Isn't was as deadly as smoking? Or MORE? Huh? Huh? A reader said this toon was disrespectful with the troops. My disrespect was aimed at army recruiters and their lies. Now that's disrespectful!:)

013 Inquisition

After dear Judge Alberto Gonzales praised torture as an excellent way to fight terrorism, I couldn't resist portraying him as an inquisidor from the classic Monty Python gag. The Latin Association complained the stereotypical moustached spaniards were an insult to the spanish comunity on campus. We all had a good laugh when they found out I'm actually spanish and it was all a misunderstanding! For the record, racial discrimination is indeed no laughing matter! Ehem! :)

008 Christmas

I always hated that damn Rudolph, so cute and all. I'm sure they bashed him good at the station.

006 Falluja

Looking for pictures of Fallujah after the first attacks, I realized how quickly they would dissappear from Google. The subtle censure on the web is even clearer when you compare your sources with the International media. I got so pissed I made this toon for the innocent civilians murdered during the war.

Later on this toon earned me first place for Best Cartooning at the Oregon Newspaper Publishers Association (ONPA) awards. There I am with the Daily Barometer staff. I'm the one with a green coat and the idiotic smile.

002 Preemptive

Preemptive war, don't you just love it? After this toon my editor realized that damn spaniard was up to no good!

001 Spirit

This was the first toon I published at the Daily Barometer during the USA Presidential Elections of 2004. There's so much defeatism around it makes you think someone wants us to give up before the start!